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Twitter/X Metapurpose Strategy

It will be useful to review the strategy sections of this website to re-familiarize yourself with important background information.

Part Two: Enabling the Digital Society

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The evolution of a digital society is not just a process; it's a necessity. The blueprint laid out in Part One of our 'X' case study forms the groundwork. Part Two is a plan to bring 'X' to life, not just as a better platform but as an experience.

DEBS 1.png

Our approach to the 'X' transition leverages the Digital Society Engagement Spectrum ( DEBS) as the strategic guide. Outlined below is a phased transformation plan to progressively expand 'X' from its foundational user interfaces to a complete digital ecosystem.

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Short-Term (6-12 months): Interface Platform Evolution to Close The Gap

DEBS 6.png

Interface Platform

Twitter's current brand positioning primarily emphasizes its role as a digital platform for information exchange and discussion.

  • X's positioning aims to go beyond being a simple digital platform, closing the gap with future user needs. The vision includes becoming a comprehensive digital hub that houses multiple services under one umbrella, from communication to financial transactions. It aims to be an integral part of the users' daily digital life.

Platform Activation Plan: Given the plan to begin the transition of X with an "everything app" that offers comprehensive communication and financial transaction abilities, it is critical to focus on this domain first. Building a robust, user-friendly, and secure digital infrastructure is fundamental to this vision.  X Corp needs to ensure that users can rely on its platform for a wide array of needs, from communication to financial transactions.

  • Web3 Foundation: Build a robust Web3 foundation, ensuring a decentralized, transparent, and versatile platform.

  • AI-Enhanced UI: Develop AI-driven interfaces, offering users intuitive navigation, relevant content, and tailored experiences.

  • Security & Stability: Assure user safety and platform reliability, building trust and ensuring a smooth transition for legacy users.

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Mid-Term (1-2 Years): Building 

Communities and


DEBS 7.png

Community Connections

Twitter's current platform facilitates the creation of large online communities, though its direct involvement in cultivating and moderating these communities is limited.

  • X aims to support more structured communities with broader shared functions and services. This involves facilitating interactions between individuals and commercial and financial transactions within communities.

Community Connections Activation Plan: To unite multiple neighborhoods and diverse groups, focusing on building and strengthening communities should be a high priority. As the platform diversifies its features and functionalities, it should consider how these new additions will facilitate the development of more robust, cohesive online communities.

  • Decentralized Governance: Introduce a system where users have a voice in shaping 'X,' driving ownership, and fostering a sense of belonging.

  • Token-Based Recognition: Incentivize community engagement and collaboration through tokens, rewarding contributions, and nurturing loyalty.

DEBS 8.png

Neighborhood Networks

Twitter currently serves as a platform for individuals to connect and form virtual neighborhoods based on shared interests or ideologies. Its engagement in fostering these digital neighborhoods was significant, although it didn't fully control the formation or function of these neighborhood communities.

  • X aims to provide an enhanced environment for digital neighborhoods with added functionalities. The goal appears to foster deeper user connections by offering tools for more varied interactions.


Neighborhood Networks Activation Plan: As X Corp extends the platform's functionalities, maintaining the sense of 'neighborhood' that Twitter was known for is crucial. This includes providing spaces, initiatives, and resources that facilitate connection and interaction among community members. Users should still feel the sense of belonging and connection they previously experienced.


  • AR-Driven Virtual Spaces: Unveil AR-powered neighborhoods, encouraging users to interact, collaborate, and celebrate in these novel realms.

  • Decentralized Creation: Empower users to build their content spaces, be it for niche hobbies, professional networking, or creative endeavors.

Twitter 1.png

Long-Term (2-5 Years): Enabling the Digital Society

DEBS 9.png


At the societal level, Twitter's influence varies but is limited to discourse and the exchange of ideas in the digital sphere from individuals using the platform.

  • X aims to significantly influence digital culture by integrating multiple services and expanded functionalities into one platform, enabling fully interactive experiences in all aspects of users' daily lives.


Cyber-Society Activation Plan: In the longer term, X Corp's rebranded platform should consider its impact on society as a whole. Given the significant role that Twitter already plays in the societal discourse, ensuring that the platform continues to facilitate this, while also supporting broader use cases is vital.

  • Advanced AR Interactions: Propel 'X' into a broader societal realm, using advanced AR tools to craft events, campaigns, and interactive societal experiences.

  • Digital Marketplace: Launch a dynamic space for trade, collaborations, and business, further integrating 'X' into users' daily lives.

  • AR-Led Learning Hubs: Open avenues for knowledge-sharing, collaborative growth, and societal advancement in immersive learning environments.

Twitter Brand Functions final.jpg

The 5 Pillars of Success for The 'X' Brand Transition


1. Respecting Roots: Community Transition & Engagement

For 'X' to be accepted, it must support the legacy of Twitter. Existing users form the foundation:

  • Digital Transition Workshops: To familiarize legacy users with the new platform's functionalities. We believe in hand-holding, ensuring no user feels left behind.

  • Feedback Loops: Engage users in dialogues, understanding their aspirations and concerns, refining 'X' in response to their feedback

2. Embracing the New Generation: Tailored Experiences for Gen Z and Millennials

To engage the newer generations, 'X' must cater to their desire for more than just a platform:

  • Personalized User Dashboards: Leverage AI to offer a tailored experience, from news feeds to trend analysis.

  • Gamified Tutorials: Using AR tools to engage younger users in an immersive learning experience about the platform's features.

3. Building Digital Neighborhoods: Creating Spaces for Engagement

The cornerstone of the 'X' strategy is fostering relationships, not just connections:

  • Collaborative Content Creation: Spaces where users can jointly create content, videos, blogs, or AR experiences.

  • Virtual Event Hosting: Empower users to host their events, from AR concerts to discussion forums.

4. Powering the Digital Society: Beyond Social Media

What 'X' offers must expand with the digital society:

  • Digital Marketplace: A place for trade, commerce, and creative collaborations.

  • Learning Hubs: AR-driven spaces for knowledge-sharing and collaborative learning.

  • Token-based Recognition System: Reward users for contributions, driving positive behavior and platform loyalty.

5. Nurturing the Ecosystem: Continuous Learning & Growth

'X' must evolve with its users:

  • Regular Updates & Feature Releases: Informed by user feedback and technological advancements.

  • Community Dialogues: Monthly sessions engaging with users, ensuring 'X' remains aligned with their evolving needs.

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